Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is a mind-body approach to total wellness.   It is a game changer for those ready to invest in their own health and happiness with the end result of " living your best life".

You're probably asking yourself right now "what is functional medicine?"  Great question.  Essentially Functional Medicine is  a personalized, systems-oriented model that empowers patients and practitioners to achieve the highest expression of health by working in collaboration to address the underlying causes of disease.  Rather than looking at a person as a disease or condition and treating the condition, Functional Medicine looks for the root cause and treats the person as a whole.  It is an integrative approach to health  that takes into consideration all factors from prenatal all the way up to current lifestyle to create a complete picture for wellness.

What does the title "Functional Medicine Health Coach" conjure up for you?  Someone who will tell me what diet to be on?  What exercise routine I need?  How many grams of sugar should be in my smoothie?  

Well....not quite.  Health coaching is so much more than the quick fix that many have tried and likely without much success.  It is a deep dive into key areas of health that work in a synchronistic fashion. Together, through the process of Functional Medicine Health Coaching, we explore your deepest values and vision for your health. By values we mean what do you hold dear...  what is most important to you?  We then partner with you to establish achievable goals, accountability and successful behavior changes.

 Health coaching works in the areas of nutrition, exercise and movement, sleep optimization, personal and professional development,  and the mind-body connection as it relates to stress management and tuning in to your body.  We combine these modifiable lifestyle factors with sound medical information from your Functional Medicine Provider and support your transition to the healthy life you are longing to lead.

You choose your area of focus and we empower you to live your best life.   

Come discover coaching ... it's truly the missing link to optimal health and wellness.