Seedy Crackers.. your friends will call crack

Seedy crackers that beg for you to make them.  Link to the original recipe is below.  These are gluten free, vegan and can be adapted any way you like!  Be adventurous and use coconut oil instead of olive oil, add in rosemary or thyme and garlic for a savory flair, chop up dates or figs and add cracked black pepper, maybe some anise seed for a licorice twist!  Awaken your creative spirit with these lovelies and wrap them up as gifts for friends over the holidays.  What could be more loving than a healthy version of crackers that everyone will love.   

Seedy crackers -Makes ~40 crackers      Adapted from “occasionally eggs” recipe blog.


1 cup raw sunflower seeds

1/4 cup chia seeds

1/4 cup ground flax

1 cup spelt flour (brown rice flour, quinoa flour, oat flour can be used as well).  Just don’t use a soft pastry flour or they will crumble

1 tablespoon coconut sugar or try maple syrup just add a touch more flour to even up the consistency (1 tb )

1 teaspoon himalayan sea salt

1 cup water

1/3 cup olive oil (can use coconut oil warmed which adds a slightly distinct flavor)


Seedy crackers full of healthy bits and as always tasty.  Easy to prepare so forget any store bought crackers, nothing processed, keeping’ it clean.

Preheat the oven to 325F,  line two baking sheets with parchment paper.  Thin, well used cookie sheets work very well for this recipe.

In a large bowl, combine all the dry ingredients. Make a shallow well in the center and add the water and oil and mix well. It will become slightly runny and then thick, hang on!

Pour equal amounts onto your two prepared baking sheets and spread thinly and as evenly as possible. Use a spatula to smooth or wet your hands and pat it down. It should be 1/2 inch thick without any holes. Square up the edges after smoothing out if you would like to make a nice even border for square crackers.

Bake for 30 minutes, then remove sprinkle with an additional half teaspoon himalayan sea salt for each pan. Cut into desired shapes with a knife or pizza wheel, and then back into the oven for an additional 25-30 minutes. If you use a non-stick mat instead of parchment paper, bake for an extra ten minutes or so. They should be golden and crispy, if you check on them after 30 minutes and they are still soft when you bend the edge…keep going.  Alternatively you can try to flip them over to get both sides crispy and golden although that’s a lot of work!   Cool completely on a rack before packaging. They keep well for at least a week in a sealed container on the counter, don’t just cover with saran wrap…they will get wimpy.

Be adventurous…try different seeds.  Pepitas  and hemp seeds would taste and look lovely, rosemary or thyme and garlic would add an amazing savory taste.  Sweeten them up with figs or dates chopped very tiny and some cracked black pepper and maybe some anise seed for a licorice twist!  You can also lighten these up with only a tablespoon of olive oil/coconut oil and adjust with water.  Vegan and gluten free.