What can a Functional Medicine health coach do for your practice?


The right health coach can partner with your patients to get them from where they are now… to where they want to be.

You want the type of health coach for your practice that can work within your treatment plan to empower your patients to achieve the results that get you noticed.

As a physician you have spent years training in the areas of integrative and functional medicine to bring a standard of care to your patient that is cutting edge. You take the time to create a personalized treatment plan for each patient yet you don’t have the time to walk your patient’s through each step of the process.

An expertly trained health coach is skilled in the areas of behavior change, positive psychology, nutrition and lifestyle medicine as well as traditional medicine. A true health coach empowers patients to discover their own character strengths and abilities and apply them to achieve a level of health and wellness that is driven by your recommendations.

This results in patients getting better faster, less calls or messages to you (which you don’t have time to manage), better results and happier patients.

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