What clients are saying...

"I never thought I would need or use a health coach until I was diagnosed with cancer.  Even though I maintained a relatively healthy lifestyle and exercised regularly, my diagnosis required significant changes in diet, exercise, supplements and stress reduction.  Fortunately, I found Karen Bush.  Not only does she possess the necessary expertise in the physical, emotional, and mental components of wellness but she is extremely skilled in moving clients toward behavior change which is foundational for achieving a life of wellness.  I have never felt better in my life, primarily because of my consultations with Karen.  She kept my spirits high while pointing me in the right direction." ~ Dr. Tom Griffiths, EdD.

"Karen was a tremendous help getting me motivated to return to running after the birth of my child.  Her support and guidance has me back running and loving it!"  Andrea W

"Karen asks me the critical questions that lead me to thinking differently about my health mindset and behaviors.  I'm more successful because of it". Jennifer M

"Karen helped me to understand that even 10 minutes of meditation would help my late afternoon energy drain.  I didn't believe her until I tried it and it really worked!"  Katherine B.

"I started today on a call with my health coach, Karen Bush, who really has the gift of being fully present along with her skills in mindfulness practices and functional medicine health coaching.  She has helped me achieve several health goals and continues to help me build a lifestyle that is grounded in real, non-linear, lesson learning, keep it going, day-to-day life.  If you need support in achieving your health goals I can't recommend her enough". Jennifer G

"You were the glue that helped us interact as a group really well.  You engaged those of us who were more shy but in a way that was not threatening or uncomfortable but allowed everyone to have their say.  We thrived because of that!"  Christina D

"I have made some significant changes moving toward a healthier lifestyle but I realize that the accountability and support I receive as well as critical thinking about my behaviors are the key to long term change.  Karen has helped me and continues to help me achieve these goals in a very supportive non-judgmental way.  I am so glad I made the commitment to continue my work with her."  Michelle C

For Functional Medicine Providers:

Why Health Coaching?  

Behavior change is hard...and most providers are not able to spend the time they would like, to engage this change in their patients. Research supports (click here to read some statistics) better patient outcomes when partnering with a highly trained health coach.  Learn more about how we can collaborate to provide the best health outcomes for your patients.  I am committed to partnering with you and your patients to navigate your specific treatment plan and empower your patients to make the lasting lifestyle changes that will allow them to flourish.

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For Patients interested in Functional Medicine Coaching:

Why Health Coaching?

Implementing the lifestyle changes your functional medicine provider has recommended can be overwhelming, yet you are committed to making changes in your life.  There is so much to think about and its often unclear where to start.  It's also hard to navigate this change without ongoing support.  So whether you are new to lifestyle changes like diet, exercise, stress management or optimizing sleep or you have been at it a while and seem to have hit a road block or fell off the wagon...functional medicine and integrative health coaching is the missing piece.

Are you looking for a functional medicine provider and want to start with health coaching?  I can help connect you as well.

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