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What is Functional Medicine Health Coaching?

To start with, Functional Medicine (FM) is the science of creating health.  It is a framework for looking at the body as a dynamic ecosystem, the science of how everything connects.  

It is root cause medicine, different from conventional medicine that seeks to diagnose then use an algorithm and treat the symptoms.  

FM seeks to find the root cause and ask …why?  

Functional Medicine Health Coaching is the key to creating health based on root cause medicine.  As a Functional and Integrative Medicine health coach I support my clients to achieve better biological balance and help the body’s ecosystem regain health.  

How is this done? 

We start with essential lifestyle changes in nutrition, sleep, exercise & movement, stress management and relationships.  Through individualized work with each client , I as your coach will support you through shifting your mindset and behaviors in small yet significant ways to achieve your vision of optimal health and wellness.

An excellent asset to the team we had at Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. On a personal note Karen is a true, compassionate, empathetic, go-getter with a personality that is contagiously motivating. If you’re looking for a health coach and guide to positive lifestyle changes… Karen Bush is your person. She comes highly recommended from myself and other practitioners -I even heard Dr. Hyman describe her as inspiring”   Dr. Aunna Herbst, DO - Functional Medicine Physician https://funxionalmedicine.com

Often, these lifestyle changes are enough to see significant improvement in symptoms and health issues.  Side affects of these interventions may include weight loss, skin clearing, loss of brain fog, gut healing, loss of joint pain, better sleep, reduced stress, increased sense of calm and focus, heightened daily efficiency and no longer feeling overwhelmed with life.  Sounds like some fantastic side affects right?